About Us

Who We Are

 The Public, a speech consulting company, coaches speakers to be more effective in their verbal delivery. The Public coaches have up to 30 years of experience as award winning speakers and in coaching speakers from competitive speakers to beginners.

Our clients include but are not limited to teens, next level athletes, college grads, community, and corporate leaders. We pride ourselves on working with all skill levels, from those suffering from Glossophobia (the debilitating fear of speaking) to experienced speakers who are seeking to perfect their skills.

The experience our coaches possess enables us to tend to each client’s individual needs and champion them to verbally communicate more confidently, and thus more effectively.

Our Vision

To provide clients with supportive coaching that increases their ability to be more successful by improving their power to communicate through their speaking.

Overcoming Glossophobia

The fear of public speaking

Speech And Presentation Delivery

For the beginner and advanced speaker.

Conversational Speech

And conducting meetings

Recruiting And Media Interviews

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